Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Hapend while I was gone.

   I feel like not even acting like I was gone in the first place.  I feel like I was just on a vacation looking for inspiration.  So lets see,  I completed Katzenstein's Lab with the help of A Grandmaster and a Lvl 42 Friend.  We went and got the Smogger Smasher badge and left for Malistare.  After One battle with the Ice Oni thing a friend of the grandmaster came and helped out.  By then we were all opposites, I was Fire The grandmaster was Ice their friend death, and the girl was Life.  Nice combo for Malistare?  You bet!  We defeated him and I got some cool stuff to sell, I mean really how many times do get 3,984 gold off of one boss?( Add that to 2,507 and you got my total gold)  Anyway, on to counterweight east then west and, TO MEOWIARTY!  Thanks for reading!

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