Sunday, September 27, 2009


"Look he's awake" said the old man.  The yellow man motioned for him to step forward.  "Hello young Samuel,  My name is Merle Ambrose."  I smirked at the sound of the name.  Merlee wha?  "Heheh" I said under my breath.  The Merle Ambrose ignored it.  "You are to train as a wizard here, and you have already seen the power "Death" spells can do."  Death?  What is there going to be a Life? Or maybe a I dunno a Tree sort of magic?  "No their is no tree sort of magic" said Merle.  What?  He just read my mind!  "Wait," I said " What about my Mom and my Dad?"  "Killed in the Death storm."  I'll finish this chapter later today by!

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