Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm a Retailer!

Well they asked me to sell a vaction for um, "The Village of Sorrow"  Not a very likely vacation spot.  Well I hope this changes your mind!  (Click to Enlarge)

                               "Here is me in my fancy retail suit! (notice the bow!)"

                            "Here in The Village of Sorrow we have enemies who make you sad!"

"We even have Cows who are dead who want to kill you!"

"You can even be buried in frog barf!"

"But you can fight back!"

And finally, I want to talk about Ranked PVP.  I wanted a good challenge, but instead the guy logs of the game, and I still get 10 tickets!   I think this is the way spammers get all there ranks.

So ya.
The Ever Protective (Lvl 42!) Pyromancer

The Pyromancer=Story Time 9

Story time!
     Samuel walked up the steps to the building.  It was pitch black and the moon was gone.  That was the time and hour for what he had been asked.  He walk slowly, yet secretly up the stairs.  His ninja costume he had bought gave him 2,124 health, but he doubted that was enough.  Crawling up the stairs he twitched.  He scanned the room.  Nothing.  He walked a step.  A large lamp turned on.  "Ah,"  said a voice.  "If it isn't my little nemesis, right on time."  The thing walked out of the shadows.  As it walked forward Samuel shuddered.  It was Meowiarty.  The most feared cat in all of MarlyBone.  If you could call him a cat.  He was more cat-rat.  Out of the shadows Malistare entered.  "Meowiarty, dispose of this little stooge."  "Yes Master," And with that Meowiarty pounced.  Samuel weilded his blade into defence position.  "Bring it"  Blade clashed claw as the battle was fought.  Samuel had been made for this.  He jumped over Meowiarty and searched his deck.  "Aha!"  Samuel grabbed a card from his deck.  "I SUMMON YOU SERVANT OF FIRE!"  Samuel yelled as the giant elephant sprang from the ground.  "I SUMMON YOU SERVANT OF MYTH!"  Meowiarty screamed as a Minotuar walked out of nowhere.    Blades of Fire clashed claw and axe as the battle raged on.  Then the light faded, and  Samuel blacked out.

Power to ME

I got the notifacation this morning that I was to learn a most powerful spell.  This,
(Click to Enlarge)

Note: That is not me
PVP will fall to my might!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

S.I.M.P.  That is the best video I have every watched.  :)  I have been listening to that while playing. LOL All for today folks.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, the title pretty much explains this post.  (Click to Enlarge)

Also I'm gonna try something called,Viviti

Cya! (The Master of Fire)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

And right of, 500 VIEWS!


Level 40!

            On the day that "The Diviner of Myth"  said she was lvl 40 I reached lvl 40!  I helped people at some shrines in "Kibshe" and got to lvl 40!  That is just great for me becuase I have saved my Jade Oni Blade from when I was 5!  WOOHOOO!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dreams Part 2

  Last night, oh wait STORY TIME!
Last night part of my dream was I was bouncing on a tiger mount.  LOL

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


   Last night I had a dream, wait!  STORY TIME!
Last night I had the dream that I was playing Wizard101 (Not Kidding!) and saw Jessica, but she wouldn't accept me.  Then my --- told me to get on the plane for Brazil.  It was a wooden plane so I knew how to cope beacause, TIME IS RUNNING UP SAM!  We landed at a house with people trying to kill us, I went to someplace where you ride skateboards, then I woke up.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My New Look

  I know Fallon has a new look but here is Mine! (Click to Enlarge)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Remember how I said I was making a story? ...

  Well I'm trying to get a story published and here it is,

The screams were unreal.  The terrifying beast took one look and plunged.  It ripped his body to pieces and laughed.  The laugh terrified him.  Orion sat up in bed, cold sweat dripping down his face.  It was so real.  He scanned the room, nothing but his bed, a couple of books, and his clock.  Orion sighed.  That old clock.  It was old,heavy duty, black, with green lights and its alarm was just an annoyance. Smirking he snuggled back into his bed.  Those dreams.  He had been having them for a month now.  Each night the beast had gotten closer, and for some reason he felt it had killed a friend.  But he had no friends. Yawning he slowly crawled back into bed.  This time there were no dreams.  Only complete black and silence.  The blackness went on until his eyelids shone the color yellow.  Orion woke up again.  This time he woke up because of the morning light.  He sat up in bed and sqinted.  The light was peircing.  Orion sat for a second then layed back down.  Orion sighed, sat up in bed again, and sleepily pulled his slippers on.  Life was a challenge for him and his family.  With his Addopted Dad in the Military it seemed any second he could be called to war.  They lived in a regular home, like regular people.  “Nothing would ever change.”  Orion thought.  But he had read enough books for him to know life does change.  And though Orion didn’t feel it, it was going to change fast.  Orion made his way to school.  It was a long way to school.  Verly lonley too.  It was a long winding dust trail.  No one used it anymore.  No one but him.  He hated the way people called him Hunter, for he could never hurt anyone else.  Hunter.  Orion meant Hunter.  His teacher had told him a thousand times.  Yet he still loathed the name.  Hunter, hunting, doesn’t that all have to do with killing?  Orion regreted the thought.  School wizzed by like any other day.   When Orion got home from school he flung his backpack onto the table.  “Bad Day?”  Mrs. Handson, his adopted mother, called.  “No, just tired.”  Orion ran up to his bedroom to sulk. Ever since his real father and mother disappeared he was sulking.  Mother, so fragile and kind.  Father, so strong and loving.  Yet he knew he had to go on.  For Mom.  For Dad.  Orion managed a weak smile.  He opened the door then shut it again.  Ever since his parents had disappeared his life was in jeopardy.  He and his two sisters had been brought to the orphanage.  There they were picked up by kind Mrs. Hundson.  Mr. and Mrs. Hundson had been the nicest people he had met.  But on second thought that wasn’t much.  Then again it was eight years ago.  He was ten now.  A tween.  That word made him sound important.  Orion thought. “I was about to be a,” His sisters, Livie and Hope cracked the door open.  “Can we come in?”  Livie sadly asked.  “Oh, come in you two!”  Orion answered.  Livie burst the door open and ran to Orion.  “You sad.”  She said promptly.  “Here O-ron.”  Livie handed him one of her over used tissues.  “Um, I don’t need this yet ok?”  Orion responded.  Livie thought for a moment then said “Ok, I keep ti-sue” “Ok” Orion smiled with relief.  “Hope, come over here.”  Orion called.  Hope slowly made her way in.  Small in figure, fragile, weak.  Just like mom.  “I’ve been eating more” She called weakly.  “I had double helpings of desert last night.  Orion laughed.  Desert was ALL she ate. “How are you doing in school?” He asked. “Fine.”  Her voice was like the soft chime of a mobile.  “OK good.  Sit over here.”  Orion pointed to his left side.  Hope rushed to it and sat down.  “O-ron, tell me story!”  “OK, OK!”  Orion laughed.  If anyone could crack him up Livie could.  “Ooh, tell the one about the air world!”  Hope suddenly exclaimed.  Orion sighed.  “OK, but only once this time.”  “Yay!”  Livie squealed with delight.  Orion sat down and told them a story.  It was about how there was a beautiful princess who flew on a bird, and ate ice cream, creaming as clouds, and had a charming voice.  “The one day,” Orion continued.  “Two little girls showed up, named Livie and Hope.”  Livie squealed.  “They were as beautiful as the princess, and all day they would play together when suddenly,” “When suddenly it was bed time.”  Orion turned around.  Smiling behind them was Mrs. Hundson.  “They all went to there beds, even the prince.”  Orion smiled.  “And then they fell asleep” Livie started snoring loudly.  Hope shrugged.  “I guess that while we rode our dragons she got tired!”  The Hope fell asleep, laughing.  Mrs. Hundson smiled.  “Sweet dreams little prince.”  You to, ... Mom.”  And with that, Orion drifted off to sleep.  His dreams were again haunted by the monster.  Except this time he was riding on a Falcon, making lame jokes.  Orion tossed and turned in his sleep.  Finally he woke up and decided it was time to go to school.  He gathered his work then walked down stairs.  “Hi Mrs. Hundson!”  He called cheerfully.  But when he got down it was not his mom who greeted him, but silence.  Orion dashed around.  Mrs. Hundson? Mr. Hundson?  His mind raced.  This had happened when his parents had disappeared.  Cold sweat dripped down his face.  Where were they?  Orion tan upstairs to the girls rooms.  They were still there.  Orion sighed.  What a relief.  He slowly walked into there room and woke them up.  They put on there robes and headed outside to find Mrs. Hundson.  The last thing Orion remembered was he hearing the sucking sound as he was lifted into the black void.  The humidity was surprising.  He was still floating upwards yet at a awkward angle.  They flew up wards to the sky until unexpectedly badly he banged his head.  A plane?  No...  Not a bird.  What was that?  Orion didn’t have time to think.  He realized he was falling.  Slowly but surely.  He sudenly hit the groung with surprising force.  It took a second for him took recollect himself, and survay his suroundings.  All darkness.  He looked around for his sisters.  When he didn’t see them he searched.  For what seemed for hours he searched for them.  “O-ron...”  The faint call sounded again.  Orion moved closer to the sound.  Feeling around in the darkness he made his way to Livie.  He looked down.  Barely he could see his sister Hope lying on the ground.  “Hope, are you ok?”  She didn’t answer.  She must of fainted!  But why?  He looked around for Livie.  Slowly he made his way to her.  Looking up he gasped.  Staring down at Livie was a giant rat.
End of Chapter One

Orion thought fast.  He didn’t have a weapon, he didn’t have repellent.  What should he do?  Then Livie said, “O-ron, he have frens.”  Orion didn’t need to know what fren meant.  For walking up behind the rat was an army of large rats.  “Greetings LowerWorlders.”  “Hi Guy!”  A rat walk up behind the larger one.  He whispered into the larger rats ear.  The large rat laughed.  His laugh was like in his dreams!  This rat was going to kill him!  He turned to run, but was confronted by other large rats.  He turned around and the rat was smirking.  “Lucky for you were Bounty Hunters, not mercenaries.”  “Yeah thats right!”  A rat that was not as large as the one who spoke stepped forward.  “Or else I would eat yo...”  The rat made a gurgling sound.  The large rat had its paw around its neck.  Livie clapped.  “You gurg like O-ron!”  she exclaimed.  She was right.  He made the same sound when he gurgled water.  The large rat released him gasping for air.  “Tell Horned we have visitors.”  The rat stared down at them.  “Hello, I am Gnash.”  “Y..y..your a..a r..r..rat.”  “Yes, I am a rat.”  Gnash sighed.  “Tell me when did you notice this?”  “Rig..ri..right”  Rats in the crowd laughed loudly.  But Gnash’s laugh was loudest.  “Ooh, thats what they all say!”  And they all re burst into laughter.  Orion didn’t see what everyone was laughing about.  But Livie was very imused.  “Heehee.  Funny O-ron!”  “Oron?  Sounds like Moron!”  One of the rats said and burst into laughter yet again.  “You are to go to the land of Stara soon.”  The rat said now alert.  “Stara is the city of Destroyers, or Humans to you.  Stara means safe and guarded in what you call Swahili.”  Orion sighed of relief.  He was going to see Humans!  He was led away.  In what took 45 minutes they arrived at a makeshift camp.  Orion was tuckered out but he felt he had to stay awake.  Fighting back sleep he pressed on.  His eyes closed and he fell asleep.  When he woke up a girl was leaning over him.  He was about her age but she had some type of importance about her.  “He is awake.”  Her voice was soft at times but sometimes harsh.  “Hello UnderWorlder.  I am Princess Lore.”  A Falcon appeared at her side and spoke.  “I am Fligh her Binder and friend.”  And with that Orion Fainted.  The Princess?  The falcon!  This was all crazy!  That silly story couldn’t be real!  In his dreams Gnash was leading a war against humans.  A figure clad in green strode up to him.  “When battle begins, A war is lost, hope has disappeared, and the princess has gone, take up my sword and defend your loved ones near, Do you hear?” He faded into the blackness.  “Wait!  Sir, what does that mean?”  But he had left and his dreams returned to the monster rat.  He noticed something.  Gnash and the monster looked the same, sounded the same, but were not the same!  The monster turned...  Livie was patting his shoulder.  “I help you have no bad dreams.”  She said.  Orion looked around for someone to explain this.  He looked around.  A knowledgeable looking man was backing out of the door way.  “Sir,” “I have no doubt that you want a explanation.”  said the man.  My name is Warrick.”  He chuckled.  “My wife is against my name having the word war in it.”  His expressions changed “But we still love each other though.”  He said the words gingerly, like they were too fragile to be spoken.  “How foolish of me,” he said.  “You must want an explanation.  Don’t worry, we’ll discus it all at the conference table.”  He smiled.  “Meanwhile you might want to explore rest or what ever you want.”  He left the room.  Orion checked his surroundings.  He needed to find Mrs. Hundson!  It was crazy how he never lost his original purpose.  “Wait!” though Orion.  “Where’s Hope?  He sat up.  She was lying in a bed next to him.  Orion sighed of relief.  Whew!  She was here.  He looked around.  Where was Livie?  If he knew Livie well he could guess she would be with the babies.  He heard unearthly wails.  Orion headed down in that direction.  On the walls were beautiful tapestries covered in landscapes and people.  Orion stopped.  One wall had a poem on it.  “When the hunter comes to you, guide to the path strait and true, for onward he will march, until he meets the sacred arch...”  There was more but Orion couldn’t make head or tail of it.  He walked back to the wails.  There was Livie with what looked like small chickens and badgers.  He slowly walked over.  “Hi O-ron!”  She said excitedly.  “I help much!”  “Good!”  Orion scanned the room for some older person.  He found none.  Just then a type of nanny walking in.  “Goodness!  They have not bathed!”  Orion smelled different from the other humans.  He had noticed that before.  But now he was realizing it mattered.  It gave off to the other creatures up in Cranage that had a good sense of smell.  The not-so-good-so-smelling creatures couldn’t detect him.  Cranage was a land in between Orion's earth and Cranages AGL.  AGL meant for Above Ground Level.  So he was under ground.  Orion Marveled how that didn’t disturb him.   They slowly walked into an area with tons of baths.  It was like large swimming pools for each family.  They were sent to a private area to change then met up in the pool.  Orion was glad for the pool.  Whenever Hope got in a pool she would soak it in and relax.  She looked better that way then otherwise.  The nanny went away, just reminding them that they had to be out in 30 minutes.  They soaked it all in until Livie found some soap.  She had a habit of eating soap so Orion had the hard task of taking it away from her.  “Come on lets play scrub!”  “I dont like scrub I get all clean!”  Livie wailed.  Orion scrubbed his body then gave it to Hope.  They were all wearing swimsuits.  “Maybe we should take separate baths.”  “OK” Hope answered.  Orion lathered himself, washed off, and got into new clothes.  He hoped Hope did well with Livie.  Orion walked to the Conference room.  Bickering and Arguing echoed from each door.  Orion sighed pushed open the door and gasped.
Yep long story!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Harvest Festival 2009: Ups and Downs

  -Well first it was awesome!
  -I missed the part in nightside
  -I saw Fallon and Friendlies houses!
  - I wasn't able to add the bloggers there
  -Fallons on my list!
  -Sam, she's been on your list
  -Um, I saw the bloggers!
  - Well you didn't get to add them
  - I never realized witch warrior was lvl 50!
  Oh well.  I guess no one has room for me anyway.

Beating up some random boss

Before showing me take down a boss here is me getting a new spell,  (Click to Enlarge)

And folks the dang video doesn't work.  Hurray.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Diary of a umm "Guy in Mo Shu"

Look at these pics!  (Click to enlarge)

And Then,

Lol.  Those are my days.  How 'bout yours?

X-Fire Rules!

  I totally LOVE X-Fire!  Finally I got a picture of me!  YAYZ!  So here it is, (Click to Enlarge)

This is what I call AWESOMENESS!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Here's More Trading Cards!

  As I said before,  I'm not trying to copy Friendly.  Just thought these were cool.




Happy Duels!

Trading Cards

  If you haven't seen the first well then click on the TAG button.(Click to enlarge)

Now Friendly don't worry I'm not trying to steal your idea.  Just thought these look cool.

Trading Card

  Here is Malistare's Trading card LOL  (Click to enlarge)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Awesome Pyromancer's Diary This is for you

  I have a story to tell.  Remember when The Awesome Pyromancer's Diary wrote about when her Grandma died?  Well read this,

   It was the last I ever say of my Great Grandma.  My Father was at her bedside when she died.  When he came home he had a story to tell.  "I was at my Grandma's side when her signs of life faded and her heart stopped.  Everyone was about to leave the room when her heart started again.  She said "What am I doing here?  I was with my husband!"  Her husband had been dead for a while.  Suddenly she died once more. We all cried and left the room."  That is a true real story.  I'm not kidding!  Hope that helps!

Journal Extract

  Here is the Journal Extract from Samuel's Diary.

   299-Just got out of dang Marlybone yes!  No more lovesick dogs, gearheads, and no more night time!  I love the new air in Mo Shu!
1st in Mo Shu-  I love it here!  The calmness and real quests.  Reminds me of Grizzleheim.  "To see the Emperor/King you must prove yourself to be a hero"  I love all this hero stuff.  Also I went into a Rock garden.  You could just feel the peace!  After that I guy said he would be honored to fight me.  Am I that awesome?  I went out to help a Samurai Cow who said to go collect his men.  I went and they were soo happy that I saved them!  I LOVE being a hero.  Next some Bad dude stole all there weapons.  I went out and found them.  I think soon I have to teach him a lesson.  Anyway now I have to defeat Ugly, Fat, pigs in ninja costumes and Giant pigs wearing red sun glasses holding Sharp looking pikes!  I also on the way was able to give stolen food to a cute, small, working lamb!  Heroism is so my thing.  I love it here in Moshu.  Oops!  Gtg to Grizzleheim!  See ya Hamlet!  (Please note Hamlet is the diary)  

Well thats been my days!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Striate out of MARLYBONE WOOT!

   FINALY OUT OF MARLYBONE!  MEOWAIRTY WAS TOAST!  WHOO HOOO!  NOW ON TO MU SHU  DIARY OF A WIZARDS FAV WORLD!  Ahem,  now I owe Tavia, Conner, and Jack 5,000 Gold.  Dang it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Header!

  I got a new header!  YA!  Thanks Awesome Pyromancer's Diary!


Finally I made it through CounterWeight East and West!  Cha ching!  Anyway Meowiarty better watch out ;)  I'm SOOO happy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


    "The days are packed!" Calvin and Hobbes.  The days ARE packed!  Wow!  From trying to learn the Maple Leaf Rag to The Prayer.  Went through sunken and beat grub then I died and the guy I would teleport to left.  Wonderful!  Well any way no one saw Emma Kate the Greats blog so that made her sad.  So thats Life!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Blogger, Freeze'in FrostPetal

    There is a new blogger on the block.  Welcoming FREEZE'IN FROSTPETAL.  LOL.  She even let me be editor!  Here is the link,   SO YA.