Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Level 45, and a new look

For all of you who dont know I have a X-Fire Profile then here it is.  I just got a awesome new look!  YAYZ!

The(lvl 45) Pyromancer, sign'in off!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas Booty! (As requested by The Friendly Necromancer)

-Socks (Who doesn't get this?)
-Drawn to life:The Next Chapter (Don't believe all those rants, this game rocks!)
-Lego Ground (A big piece of thin lego)
Explanation: I am a lego maniac.  I have made over 17 Lego movies
-Lego Agents Set
-Calvin and Hobbes
(Santa brings them every year)
Wait a second!  Cross Oranges out!
I mean THIS year I got two
-A hat
-Artemis Fowl Collection
Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code
-Electric Set
-Candy (As in chocolates, and lots of 'em!)
-A book about the American Civil War
-And, Three twitter followers
-A camera stand
-A 10$ Gift card
You know the American Ambassadors?  Well the Finnish one just lent us his dog.  And MAN is he huge!  I have to post a picture of him sometime!
-Lots of stuff I cant remember!
-Some stuff is coming in the mail!

Well thats my list, whats yours?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

One Comment

"Joe?  What's up with your nose?!?"
LOL, Cassandra, I love my hair!

Why I Even Blog Part 1 of Part 2

  Well, I also blog because, well I bet you all have too say blogging is fun.  Its just a wonderful experience for me too find a comment.  Sigh I GTG!  (Got To Go)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why I Even Blog Part: 1

  Why do I blog you may ask.  I am the least known blogger of the century, I have about 1 comment a month, so... Why do I blog?  This is the best experience for me, in my opinion, to let myself go.  I wake up every morning and, check The Friendly Necromancer, check all updated blogs, check my diary of a wizard, check my twitter, and check my email.  I'll say I love this.    From telling the world I got a one year subscription to announcing I made a remix of right round, I say these have been my golden years.  I want t thank personally with all my gratitude,  The Friendly Necromancer, The Awesome Pyromancer, Fallon ShadowBlade, and Jawbeaver.  All of you who read my blog, or follow it, thank you dearly for the support.  I hope all bloggers know they are appreacated.  I say to you all, gosh its almost  9:00!  Good Night and thank you!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Right Round Remixed

You know that song?  That song with a terrible meaning *shudder* yet all the kids love?  Well I made a remix for Wizard101.  "DJ!  Get your backside over here!"
Right Round, The Remix

You spin my head right round when you took me down, when you took me down down.  
Yaah, from the top of the stage they watched me go down, she took me down with that Ol'e Heck Hound, then a storm lord came up out of the ground.  She took me down down.  Ohh from the top of the stage they watched me go down, now head is just spinning around, she took me down down....

So just an idea.
Se Ya!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

This Look I Like

Yay!  The perfect look.  Horrah!  Horray!   What ever you say!  (I gotta stop rhyming)

What is up with the new look?!?

  I tried it, dyed it, and now I hate it.  Happy Holidays!   Sigh.  I like cheese you know.  I'm surprised I never told that on this blog.  Here is a strange excuse (readers digest)  "There was a woman who torched a bar bathroom, when the cops came they asked her why she did it.  It was because (Dun dun daaa)  Because she was stressed because of the death of Michael Jackson.  I'm SO sure they believed THAT.  Well um...  Eat more cheese!
P.S. I'm TOTALLY going to change the look of this blog.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

O.O Period.

A lot is happening in life,  have you ever seen the video where the mom starts talking about a day really

REALLY fast?  Think of that now,  I just reached level forty three, got into DS, and found out that my

friend was a traitor, beat up a grandmaster in pvp with one move, found a black pearl witch sells for 236

at the bazzar, ate some cake, found out about elfecards, say that there was a new ravenwood radio

episode, just checked my twitter to find out people had wanted to meet me the other day and... sigh.

Slower this time.  (There is now a change of typing, I was typing fast on that first bit!) I just reached

level forty three.  I was questing in these towers at the first part of dragonspire.  By The Way (BTW)  I

had just defeated the Death Oni (Oni No Death)  and then defeated the Jade Oni.  Now here is one

reason why I hate my account.  Its not the administrator account on my computer!  X-Fire would not

update, so I couldn't take pictures.  But you have imaginations right?  Picture me, (I look the same)

standing next to Cyrus Drake saying, "I was pretty powerful, eh Cyrus?"  I helped a dragon who seemed

to extremely want me to think I was his friend.  You can never trust people like that, can you?  Well now

I have the long task of taking him out.  But first he called me stu...  You get the picture?  Anyway I

totally destroyed a Death Grandmaster in pvp.  We did the same moves, Elemental Blade-Spirit Blade,

had the same pips and yet I won.  All thanks to his feint and my fast reappearing "Fire Lord."  Back in

mooshu "Villlage of Sorrow"  on a locus  was a black pearl.

I love that thing.  Yes I ate cake, and diary of a wizard and Christina have made AWESOME elf e-cards.

Ravenwood Radio just made a great new episode, "Be sure to listen!"  And Jessica and others, Sorry

about late replies!

By for now all!