Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas Booty! (As requested by The Friendly Necromancer)

-Socks (Who doesn't get this?)
-Drawn to life:The Next Chapter (Don't believe all those rants, this game rocks!)
-Lego Ground (A big piece of thin lego)
Explanation: I am a lego maniac.  I have made over 17 Lego movies
-Lego Agents Set
-Calvin and Hobbes
(Santa brings them every year)
Wait a second!  Cross Oranges out!
I mean THIS year I got two
-A hat
-Artemis Fowl Collection
Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code
-Electric Set
-Candy (As in chocolates, and lots of 'em!)
-A book about the American Civil War
-And, Three twitter followers
-A camera stand
-A 10$ Gift card
You know the American Ambassadors?  Well the Finnish one just lent us his dog.  And MAN is he huge!  I have to post a picture of him sometime!
-Lots of stuff I cant remember!
-Some stuff is coming in the mail!

Well thats my list, whats yours?

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