Saturday, December 5, 2009

O.O Period.

A lot is happening in life,  have you ever seen the video where the mom starts talking about a day really

REALLY fast?  Think of that now,  I just reached level forty three, got into DS, and found out that my

friend was a traitor, beat up a grandmaster in pvp with one move, found a black pearl witch sells for 236

at the bazzar, ate some cake, found out about elfecards, say that there was a new ravenwood radio

episode, just checked my twitter to find out people had wanted to meet me the other day and... sigh.

Slower this time.  (There is now a change of typing, I was typing fast on that first bit!) I just reached

level forty three.  I was questing in these towers at the first part of dragonspire.  By The Way (BTW)  I

had just defeated the Death Oni (Oni No Death)  and then defeated the Jade Oni.  Now here is one

reason why I hate my account.  Its not the administrator account on my computer!  X-Fire would not

update, so I couldn't take pictures.  But you have imaginations right?  Picture me, (I look the same)

standing next to Cyrus Drake saying, "I was pretty powerful, eh Cyrus?"  I helped a dragon who seemed

to extremely want me to think I was his friend.  You can never trust people like that, can you?  Well now

I have the long task of taking him out.  But first he called me stu...  You get the picture?  Anyway I

totally destroyed a Death Grandmaster in pvp.  We did the same moves, Elemental Blade-Spirit Blade,

had the same pips and yet I won.  All thanks to his feint and my fast reappearing "Fire Lord."  Back in

mooshu "Villlage of Sorrow"  on a locus  was a black pearl.

I love that thing.  Yes I ate cake, and diary of a wizard and Christina have made AWESOME elf e-cards.

Ravenwood Radio just made a great new episode, "Be sure to listen!"  And Jessica and others, Sorry

about late replies!

By for now all!

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