Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm a Retailer!

Well they asked me to sell a vaction for um, "The Village of Sorrow"  Not a very likely vacation spot.  Well I hope this changes your mind!  (Click to Enlarge)

                               "Here is me in my fancy retail suit! (notice the bow!)"

                            "Here in The Village of Sorrow we have enemies who make you sad!"

"We even have Cows who are dead who want to kill you!"

"You can even be buried in frog barf!"

"But you can fight back!"

And finally, I want to talk about Ranked PVP.  I wanted a good challenge, but instead the guy logs of the game, and I still get 10 tickets!   I think this is the way spammers get all there ranks.

So ya.
The Ever Protective (Lvl 42!) Pyromancer

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