Saturday, November 7, 2009

Journal Extract

  Here is the Journal Extract from Samuel's Diary.

   299-Just got out of dang Marlybone yes!  No more lovesick dogs, gearheads, and no more night time!  I love the new air in Mo Shu!
1st in Mo Shu-  I love it here!  The calmness and real quests.  Reminds me of Grizzleheim.  "To see the Emperor/King you must prove yourself to be a hero"  I love all this hero stuff.  Also I went into a Rock garden.  You could just feel the peace!  After that I guy said he would be honored to fight me.  Am I that awesome?  I went out to help a Samurai Cow who said to go collect his men.  I went and they were soo happy that I saved them!  I LOVE being a hero.  Next some Bad dude stole all there weapons.  I went out and found them.  I think soon I have to teach him a lesson.  Anyway now I have to defeat Ugly, Fat, pigs in ninja costumes and Giant pigs wearing red sun glasses holding Sharp looking pikes!  I also on the way was able to give stolen food to a cute, small, working lamb!  Heroism is so my thing.  I love it here in Moshu.  Oops!  Gtg to Grizzleheim!  See ya Hamlet!  (Please note Hamlet is the diary)  

Well thats been my days!

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