Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As I walked into the fire school I was amazed at my teachers HAIR.  I was on fire!?!  "EXUSE ME MISS, BUT YOUR HAIR IS ON FIRE!"  "I know."  She calmly said.  "You must be Samuel."  I walked to my seat.  "Today, boys and girls I need a volunteer"  I was the only one who raised their hand.  The others new better.  "No Samuel your new"  "Why cant I?"  "Y ... You... Your not strong enough."  "Yes I am!"  I burt up in flame again.  "I AM STRONG ENOUGH!"  The teacher just marveled at me.  "You already can use Immolate?   Well then I give you the rest of your cards"  She handed me a empty deck.  "It will tell you your level." The numbers 35 appeared out of nowhere.  "Here you go"  And she handed me a wand eternally burning.  "I know you have no wizard gold so you can have the best"  I went into a spare room and changed. I came out in a Dragon Hat called "Hat of Endlessness"  I also had a tunic with no name.  "All I know is that it gives you 208 health" said my teacher.  And finally I put on boots that said "Striders of the verge"  "Good now tell Merle you need a one way ticket to Marlybone"  I ran out side and grabbed my sister.  As I was running I ran into a group of Death and Myth people.  "Well what do we have here?"  the leader asked.  "Hey little chicken, run away or fight us, if you can"  "I'll fight the leader of you" I said  The big bully stepped forward.  I felt Julia cling on to me.  As  I look through my deck a guy in green clothes came to my side.  "Lets do this." He said


The chickens are getting restless,

Malistare, Joy.

Thanks Malistare.  I farm you and what do I get...


Monday, September 28, 2009


"Death Storm?"  The Merle sighed.  "Yes, but we were able to recover this in the wreckage."  The woman with flaming hair handed me a baby.  It was my little sister Julia!  She giggled softly and grabbed my finger. Merle smiled.  "I'm expecting great things from you." he said.  "I'll do my best."  Julia Smiled and rubbed her cheek in my cheek and smiled. "I know I will."  It was the end of a long day.  I slowly walked to find a nice tree to sit under.  To cold, to hot, to wet, to creepy, "ahhh" I said.  I had found the perfect tree.  She smiled at me and motioned for me to sit under her leaves.  As me and Julia looked at the sky I wondered what tomorrow would bring.  The next morning I marched into a empty room full of teachers with other students.  "Today, " Merle said " You will find out what class you are in.  Some of you will instantly know which one.  Some of you need a little push."  I sat down and looked at the floor their were play things of Dragons, Skeletons, Ice Creatures, Myths like Centaurs,  And pixies, And last but not least,  Storm Lizards.  I looked around only to see others playing with them.  The teachers were monitoring them. I made a army of elemental creatures and defeated the others.  A small blue faire teacher cried out, "ELEMENTAL!"  I was put in a other class room full pf people who had allso been put in the elemental group.  They showed me to a door. It was filled with giant statues of creature I had played  with.  I stared in awe at the Ice giant and the dragon.  "ICE AND FIRE"  Someone called out.  I was to be put in the ice school.  But I liked Fire best!  As the teachers ushered me to the ice school I burst up in flame.  "I LIKE FIRE NOT ICE!"  I cried out.  Slowly I decended to the ground.  Merle stood their looking out of breath.  "You are to be in the fire school."  And that was that.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


"Look he's awake" said the old man.  The yellow man motioned for him to step forward.  "Hello young Samuel,  My name is Merle Ambrose."  I smirked at the sound of the name.  Merlee wha?  "Heheh" I said under my breath.  The Merle Ambrose ignored it.  "You are to train as a wizard here, and you have already seen the power "Death" spells can do."  Death?  What is there going to be a Life? Or maybe a I dunno a Tree sort of magic?  "No their is no tree sort of magic" said Merle.  What?  He just read my mind!  "Wait," I said " What about my Mom and my Dad?"  "Killed in the Death storm."  I'll finish this chapter later today by!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

~*Please Read!*~*Please Comment!*~* An Friendly your in this story!*~

This is my second attempt at a story, so enjoy!

It was a night of horror. The wind, silently keeping my sleep restless was giving me goosebumps. I stood up to go downstairs to find a oasis in the house. But all that was their was two figures. One clad in yellow was arguing with a sinister looking black figure. "Here he comes" said the yellow person. The two men look up at me. "How did they know I was here?" I thought. Out of no where a man appeared. "Why have you come to a defenseless house of NMP's?" "It is not a NMP house" said the black figure. "Their is one here with magical power, cant you feel it?" The old man closed his eyes. "Yes" he said " And his name is Samuel." The figure clad in black said "I will not allow more students!" "Malistare, stop this madness!" "You did not come to kill the young wizard." Said a Green figure that had suddenly appeared. " Sylvia!" "Stop trying to stop me!" "I am the master of death!" "No wizard shall destroy my empire!" "He must die!" I started to scramble down the stairs and out the door. "Step a side!" said the black man, and he pushed the old man to the floor. I started to run like heck. But their was no out running this Malistare guy. He was flying close behind. He screamed "Vampire!" Out of the ground a coffin appeared. Their was a man inside with blood-shot eyes. He burst out of the coffin with surprising strength and suck a blue mist out of me. My body collapsed. I fell on the street screaming with pain! "Now young wizard," Malistare said "You know why no one messes with Malistare Drake!" With one move he lifted his staff and slammed it into my body. The amount of pain was surprising... The next morning I was sitting on a bed surrounded by strange people. Their were people in Blue, Red, And hey! Their was the yellow man talking with the old guy that was their last night. Recalling the incident I wondered how I survived! I was not to wait long. I noticed the most particular person in the group. He was a teen in black and yellow clothing holding a sword. His eyes told his courage, bravery, and friendliness.

How did you like it? Should I continue? Tell me.

What Hapend while I was gone.

   I feel like not even acting like I was gone in the first place.  I feel like I was just on a vacation looking for inspiration.  So lets see,  I completed Katzenstein's Lab with the help of A Grandmaster and a Lvl 42 Friend.  We went and got the Smogger Smasher badge and left for Malistare.  After One battle with the Ice Oni thing a friend of the grandmaster came and helped out.  By then we were all opposites, I was Fire The grandmaster was Ice their friend death, and the girl was Life.  Nice combo for Malistare?  You bet!  We defeated him and I got some cool stuff to sell, I mean really how many times do get 3,984 gold off of one boss?( Add that to 2,507 and you got my total gold)  Anyway, on to counterweight east then west and, TO MEOWIARTY!  Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Un-Dead BLOGGER who is he?

Yep thats me.  Get that clarified.  By.  But no ones reading this.  By Me. By.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I am closing.  Bye bye.  No one reallyy reads this blog so by!  No one.  No one cares if I go.  I'm just going to go see how Autumns doing.  Bye bye. Forever...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sorry;Party;Friendly?;Wiz101 Central

I'm so sorry about not posting. Lets just say my food wanted to go "Up and out" Uhhhh... Any way, ITS PARTY TIME! Allot of blogs have been posting pics of the party going on. I just got my hat today. Anyway, *puts serious suit on* Friendly, with Autumns long gone passing, will you continually be a blogger? *Stares forward leaning closer* Will you? After Autumn gone you are the only blog I regally check so WILL YOU? Diary of a wizard just started posting again. SO FINALY, THE QUESTION REMAINS, WILL YOU? Wizard101 central. you have just been banned. Forever. Gone. Do you make another account? Well I certainly did NOT! You see if your mad at wizard101 central wont it just make you madder to go their? Or get banned again? Of course you would clean up your act but really...

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Story Time 1

I'm going to do this about my adventures through the spiral.(Its very interesting at lvl 5 I went and defeated a jade oni with 4 friends)

It all happened one old morning. I was reading Harry Potter when a letter came through the door into our house. I had wild ideas of being told I was a wizard and then, a strange looking man walked inside. "Where is Samuel?" he asked. "Hi" I said weakly feeling intimidated. "You are a wizard" he said without hesitation. I thought quickly "I didn't do anything like Harry Potter" "Um sir" I said "How can I be a wizard?" "I've said Avada Kadavra many times holding my wand and nothing happens" "Ah" He replied "Have you ever tried making a flame with your wand?" "No" "Well then, try it" I heard my mother scream as a cat flew out of midair. "Yes" He said. "You ARE a wizard"
To be continued...

Video Mania 2!

Here's a creepier trailer...
:-) Teehee! (No legos were harmed in the making of this movie)

Video Mania!

Here is a video in Progress...

Friday, September 4, 2009


Roberto has been revaled! After some searching and google video surfing I finaly found it! Check out The Friendly Necromancer for the video and more details!