Saturday, September 26, 2009

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This is my second attempt at a story, so enjoy!

It was a night of horror. The wind, silently keeping my sleep restless was giving me goosebumps. I stood up to go downstairs to find a oasis in the house. But all that was their was two figures. One clad in yellow was arguing with a sinister looking black figure. "Here he comes" said the yellow person. The two men look up at me. "How did they know I was here?" I thought. Out of no where a man appeared. "Why have you come to a defenseless house of NMP's?" "It is not a NMP house" said the black figure. "Their is one here with magical power, cant you feel it?" The old man closed his eyes. "Yes" he said " And his name is Samuel." The figure clad in black said "I will not allow more students!" "Malistare, stop this madness!" "You did not come to kill the young wizard." Said a Green figure that had suddenly appeared. " Sylvia!" "Stop trying to stop me!" "I am the master of death!" "No wizard shall destroy my empire!" "He must die!" I started to scramble down the stairs and out the door. "Step a side!" said the black man, and he pushed the old man to the floor. I started to run like heck. But their was no out running this Malistare guy. He was flying close behind. He screamed "Vampire!" Out of the ground a coffin appeared. Their was a man inside with blood-shot eyes. He burst out of the coffin with surprising strength and suck a blue mist out of me. My body collapsed. I fell on the street screaming with pain! "Now young wizard," Malistare said "You know why no one messes with Malistare Drake!" With one move he lifted his staff and slammed it into my body. The amount of pain was surprising... The next morning I was sitting on a bed surrounded by strange people. Their were people in Blue, Red, And hey! Their was the yellow man talking with the old guy that was their last night. Recalling the incident I wondered how I survived! I was not to wait long. I noticed the most particular person in the group. He was a teen in black and yellow clothing holding a sword. His eyes told his courage, bravery, and friendliness.

How did you like it? Should I continue? Tell me.


  1. JediRex,

    Your story starter was awesome! It made me want to read on to see what happened next. I could picture it all in my mind-great detail. I can't wait to read the next chapter-