Sunday, September 6, 2009

Story Time 1

I'm going to do this about my adventures through the spiral.(Its very interesting at lvl 5 I went and defeated a jade oni with 4 friends)

It all happened one old morning. I was reading Harry Potter when a letter came through the door into our house. I had wild ideas of being told I was a wizard and then, a strange looking man walked inside. "Where is Samuel?" he asked. "Hi" I said weakly feeling intimidated. "You are a wizard" he said without hesitation. I thought quickly "I didn't do anything like Harry Potter" "Um sir" I said "How can I be a wizard?" "I've said Avada Kadavra many times holding my wand and nothing happens" "Ah" He replied "Have you ever tried making a flame with your wand?" "No" "Well then, try it" I heard my mother scream as a cat flew out of midair. "Yes" He said. "You ARE a wizard"
To be continued...

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