Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As I walked into the fire school I was amazed at my teachers HAIR.  I was on fire!?!  "EXUSE ME MISS, BUT YOUR HAIR IS ON FIRE!"  "I know."  She calmly said.  "You must be Samuel."  I walked to my seat.  "Today, boys and girls I need a volunteer"  I was the only one who raised their hand.  The others new better.  "No Samuel your new"  "Why cant I?"  "Y ... You... Your not strong enough."  "Yes I am!"  I burt up in flame again.  "I AM STRONG ENOUGH!"  The teacher just marveled at me.  "You already can use Immolate?   Well then I give you the rest of your cards"  She handed me a empty deck.  "It will tell you your level." The numbers 35 appeared out of nowhere.  "Here you go"  And she handed me a wand eternally burning.  "I know you have no wizard gold so you can have the best"  I went into a spare room and changed. I came out in a Dragon Hat called "Hat of Endlessness"  I also had a tunic with no name.  "All I know is that it gives you 208 health" said my teacher.  And finally I put on boots that said "Striders of the verge"  "Good now tell Merle you need a one way ticket to Marlybone"  I ran out side and grabbed my sister.  As I was running I ran into a group of Death and Myth people.  "Well what do we have here?"  the leader asked.  "Hey little chicken, run away or fight us, if you can"  "I'll fight the leader of you" I said  The big bully stepped forward.  I felt Julia cling on to me.  As  I look through my deck a guy in green clothes came to my side.  "Lets do this." He said

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