Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sorry;Party;Friendly?;Wiz101 Central

I'm so sorry about not posting. Lets just say my food wanted to go "Up and out" Uhhhh... Any way, ITS PARTY TIME! Allot of blogs have been posting pics of the party going on. I just got my hat today. Anyway, *puts serious suit on* Friendly, with Autumns long gone passing, will you continually be a blogger? *Stares forward leaning closer* Will you? After Autumn gone you are the only blog I regally check so WILL YOU? Diary of a wizard just started posting again. SO FINALY, THE QUESTION REMAINS, WILL YOU? Wizard101 central. you have just been banned. Forever. Gone. Do you make another account? Well I certainly did NOT! You see if your mad at wizard101 central wont it just make you madder to go their? Or get banned again? Of course you would clean up your act but really...

Thanks for reading!



  1. haha. Well, I will try my best to not run out of words, but things will always change . . . that's the constant in life.

    If I ever got banned from central, yes I'd just make a new account there, but I know the rules well enough that I don't think I'd get banned.

    Thanks so much for continuing to follow the blog!