Saturday, November 7, 2009

Awesome Pyromancer's Diary This is for you

  I have a story to tell.  Remember when The Awesome Pyromancer's Diary wrote about when her Grandma died?  Well read this,

   It was the last I ever say of my Great Grandma.  My Father was at her bedside when she died.  When he came home he had a story to tell.  "I was at my Grandma's side when her signs of life faded and her heart stopped.  Everyone was about to leave the room when her heart started again.  She said "What am I doing here?  I was with my husband!"  Her husband had been dead for a while.  Suddenly she died once more. We all cried and left the room."  That is a true real story.  I'm not kidding!  Hope that helps!

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