Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Pyromancer=Story Time 9

Story time!
     Samuel walked up the steps to the building.  It was pitch black and the moon was gone.  That was the time and hour for what he had been asked.  He walk slowly, yet secretly up the stairs.  His ninja costume he had bought gave him 2,124 health, but he doubted that was enough.  Crawling up the stairs he twitched.  He scanned the room.  Nothing.  He walked a step.  A large lamp turned on.  "Ah,"  said a voice.  "If it isn't my little nemesis, right on time."  The thing walked out of the shadows.  As it walked forward Samuel shuddered.  It was Meowiarty.  The most feared cat in all of MarlyBone.  If you could call him a cat.  He was more cat-rat.  Out of the shadows Malistare entered.  "Meowiarty, dispose of this little stooge."  "Yes Master," And with that Meowiarty pounced.  Samuel weilded his blade into defence position.  "Bring it"  Blade clashed claw as the battle was fought.  Samuel had been made for this.  He jumped over Meowiarty and searched his deck.  "Aha!"  Samuel grabbed a card from his deck.  "I SUMMON YOU SERVANT OF FIRE!"  Samuel yelled as the giant elephant sprang from the ground.  "I SUMMON YOU SERVANT OF MYTH!"  Meowiarty screamed as a Minotuar walked out of nowhere.    Blades of Fire clashed claw and axe as the battle raged on.  Then the light faded, and  Samuel blacked out.

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