Monday, October 26, 2009

Story Time

  A girl clad in pink walked up to me.  She stared hard at me.  "Cool" she said silently and slowly walked away.  I had to hand it to her.  She was good at making me interested.  Who was she?  Whats her name?  Whats her school?  And secretly in my head, Whats her status?  I just sat there and stared.  Staring is a art.  Luckily I had perfected that.  I slowly walked to Mr. Ambroses house while staring at her.  There was something scary about it all.  I coulden't tell.  I walked right into the Headmaster.  "Just the person I wanted to see!"  He said.  He told me how  Marlybone was in trouble.  He also told me how everyone hated Marlybone.  What a place!  I thought. GTG!