Saturday, October 24, 2009

~*PLEASE RE... Well You Know What This Is

        The bully sniggered as he shuffled his deck.  Smiling he pulled the card from his deck.  "Are you ready losers?"  He called.  I looked at my deck.  Some cards were gray, but a few were burning red.  Picking one of the cards he threw it out in to the playing field.  Almost automatically my wand  made a flame in the air and a cackling sound came from it.  I circle with a sword started circling round my head.  "Good choice but good enough?"  the bully said.  The green guy next to me used a spell that looked like a leaf, suddenly a shield appeared round his feet.  The bully set out a spell that I assumed to be death.  Out came a leaf around my feat.  But it was a black leaf.  The next round before I used some shield of fire my body was surrounded by poison.  Gagging for breath I coughed.  The bully sniggered.  My card, that had a picture of me, had a red glass ball in it.  the red juice lowered.  I shuddered. "What does that mean?" I thought.   Julia tickled me softly.  I had to keep going.  I had to win!  

gtg!  Have I good day!

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