Monday, August 17, 2009

The back-to-school Bash!

The Back-to-school Bash was well a Bash! Everyone had a good time eccept maby yellers yelling "GOT RARE CARDS? DONT GIVE THEM AWAY! GIVE THEM TO ME!" (They really didnt have very many "Rare cards" by the end.) Anyway it was fun seeing bloggers! Diary of a wizard, Home work in the grave yard, and more! And lots of people got pics! My favroite one was of the back of my head. Their was a funral and a dog pile on Cassandra (Hope I spelled that right) requested by The Friendly Necromancer. Anyway it was 12:00AM for me while for lots of lucky people just 4:00PM!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, at least you were in the shot, lol, even if it was the back of your head! :p

    Dogpile wasn't on this Cassandra... Phew... Thank goodness... :P :D

    Well, the time differences do stink at times, but at least you made it. :D At least you had a good time.