Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Well, I gave in. 

I started crafting.  I stopped crafting when it first came out, I got to the marleybone crafting, and those stinking scrap iron reagents annoyyed the crap out of me.  Eughhh....

Well, now I'm in DragonSpire, and on the quest for diamonds.  I remember when the auction house just came out, and reagents and such had to be found (usually).  Anywho, Diamonds. Double eughhhhhhh....

Diamonds, in case you didn't know are pretty hard to come by, and I need thirty.  So, I went and bought the transmute diaonds.   So much ore.....
I took to farming DragonSpire, and all I got was tons of sandstone.  Yeuch.
So, maybe one day I'll be able to cough up thirty diamonds, but that doesn't seem anytime soon.  

Also, pets.  How come the pheonix has more pedigree than the balance three headed thing?
I wonder if the Efreet has less than the Pheonix too.

Cya around!


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